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Take your workout to the next level up from our standard 12 piece set! Perfect for those who require higher resistance, this set includes 5X color-coded premium metal clip resistance tube bands:
- Cyan Blue (10 LBS)
- Dark Blue (20 LBS)
- Red (30 LBS)
- Orange (40 LBS)
- Dark Purple (50 LBS)

All bands are 48" in length and stackable in any combination up to a maximum resistance coefficient of 150 lbs. In addition, this set comes with manual; 2X premium cushioned fiber reinforced, soft-grip handles; 1X heavy duty door safe anchor; 2X soft ankle straps and 1X waterproof carrying bag.

ANTI-SNAP PROMISE – Our premium workout bands are made of the highest quality, using 100% Natural Latex from Malaysia with high elasticity and extra thick high-grade silicon that will not dry out, snap, or deform. Developed with you in mind, each tube band is double layered and carefully constructed to provide maximum resistance! Our team at Tribe Fitness has 10+ years of experience manufacturing fitness products and we fully stand behind every single one!

COMBINABLE STRENGTH DESIGNED FOR ANY FITNESS LEVEL – Color-coded and individually labeled, our exercise bands were designed using ideal resistance levels to help you maximize your workouts. The bands can be used alone or stacked in any combination to achieve your optimal resistance level up to 150 lbs.

TONE YOUR BODY AND BUILD YOUR BEST BOOTY – Whether you are a professional athlete looking to enhance your training, a beginner or an expert exercise enthusiast looking for a more effective workout, this versatile set will empower your training for faster and more effective results! Use these bands to intensify your muscles and build that perfect beach body! They are also the perfect resistance bands for legs and butt, glute/leg training, toning your chest, abs, biceps, triceps and more!

100% SATISFACTION LIFETIME GUARANTEE – Our premium exercise bands come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your resistance band(s), we will refund your purchase or send you a replacement free of charge! We are a US based company with US supported customer service, your questions or concerns will always be addressed timely and to your satisfaction! That is our promise to every single customer.


Premium Strength

You should never compromise on equipment, and that goes for resistance bands too! Our bands will withstand as much muscular effort as you can deliver without snapping or otherwise becoming damaged.

Dependable Quality

From heavy duty workouts to light theraputic exercises, our resistance bands deliver the best results, day after day. And that level of quality is something we're proud of, which is why we guarantee all of our products.

Portable Versatility

Resistance bands are an excellent addition to any fitness enthusiast’s repertoire, especially if you live in a small space or need a versatile workout on the go without compromising your trianing routine.

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3pc Single Resistance Bands - Tribe Fitness
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